Boston-ish artist.

I cringe at every bio and artist’s statement I’ve ever written. They litter the internet and are a complete embarrassment. I hope this one will someday be no different. It is the only way to know for certain that I am in motion.

I treat the artwork I do for myself as seriously as I do my commercial work. Both of them keep me going.

I spend alot of my time lately thinking about the unmade art of others.

I've come to believe that art-making is a fundamental human quality.
It is the constructive way to express ourselves when language fails.

Everyone can and should make art for this reason.

Sometimes I think about my own unmade art
.. or even write about thinking-about-it
when I should just be making it.


Hiding on the Moon.. Shhhh! - 2014-present
American Photography 29 - New York, NY 2013
Photography Master's Cup - 2009-2013 London
The Dreams of Reason, Lunch Box/Area Zinc - 2012 Miami, FL
Master Artists Show - Mar 2011 Portsmouth, NH
Precious - Dec 2010 Portsmouth, NH
Damned III - Oct 2010 Detroit, MI
Trierenberg Super Circuit - Jun 2010, Austria
Black and White Spider Awards - May 2010-2012 London
Pan 9: Illumination - Jan 2006 Allston, MA
Is This Our Country? - Sep 2004 Boston, MA
Arouse II - Aug '04 Rochester, NY
Addy Awards - Apr 2003 Rochester, NY
Media Cafe - Feb 2003 Rochester, NY
Deus Ex Machina - 2002 Peoria, IL
First Annual Adobe Design Awards - 2001 Los Angeles, CA
SPAS Gallery - 2001 Rochester, NY
Gallery R - 2001 Rochester, NY
Java @ RIT - 2001-2003 Rochester, NY

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