I cringe at every bio and artist’s statement I’ve ever written. They litter the internet and are a complete embarrassment. I hope this one will eventually be no different. The notes and pictures left behind by former versions of myself should always seem juvenile to me. That is how I can know for certain that I am moving forward.

I spend alot of my time lately thinking about the unmade art of others.

I've come to understand that art-making is a fundamental human quality. A way to express ourselves when language fails.

Everyone can and should make art for this reason.

Most of the art that people make isn't particularly interesting to others,
which should not be a deterrent because most of what people have to say to one another isn't particularly interesting either. However, both can have immeasurable value to their author, because people need to get shit out.

Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from their art in their youth because it seems impractical. I wonder how much damage this actually does to a person because it doesn't seem that much different than cutting a person's vocal cords.

But, before I launch into some sort of tedious manifesto, (like the one I just edited out) I'll stop myself and conclude by saying: that while I do wonder what you think about the art that I make, what I really wonder about is whether or not you still make art for yourself.

American Photography 29 - New York, NY 2013
Photography Master's Cup - 2009-2013 London
The Dreams of Reason, Lunch Box/Area Zinc - 2012 Miami, FL
Master Artists Show - Mar 2011 Portsmouth, NH
Precious - Dec 2010 Portsmouth, NH
Damned III - Oct 2010 Detroit, MI
Trierenberg Super Circuit - Jun 2010, Austria
Black and White Spider Awards - May 2010-2012 London
Pan 9: Illumination - Jan 2006 Allston, MA
Is This Our Country? - Sep 2004 Boston, MA
Arouse II - Aug '04 Rochester, NY
Addy Awards - Apr 2003 Rochester, NY
Media Cafe - Feb 2003 Rochester, NY
Deus Ex Machina - 2002 Peoria, IL
First Annual Adobe Design Awards - 2001 Los Angeles, CA
SPAS Gallery - 2001 Rochester, NY
Gallery R - 2001 Rochester, NY
Java @ RIT - 2001-2003 Rochester, NY

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Self, Distortion & Wire (2014)

Self, Distortion & Wire (2014)